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These are some of our truly spectacular dogs who have owners that simply will not allow them to be ordinary dogs!













    Karmadi's King Of The Castle NW2 "Cody"  


Owner: Barbara Stevens

    Barbara decided to have some fun with a new game called Nose Work, a few years later she has the first English Springer Spaniel to ever achieve his NW2 Title

Karmadi's Apple Cider



BSS CH Karmadi's Live Laugh Love


Dara was another breeders dream come true

















CH. Karmadi's Power Play TD AGN "Hockey"

Hockey not only enjoyed the game of Agility he also was Therapy dog extraordinaire.  His weekly visits to Lanark Lodge were welcomed by residents and staff who knew him by name.  There he was patted, had his ears pulled and hung onto by his tail, was walked by those who could.  We would often dance for the residents as they sang and tapped their toes to music.  He would sit with special residents who had come to love him as much as I.  The smiles that came on their faces when Hockey walked  thru the doorway always made my day and I knew that he enjoyed the visits as well.  Never knew how, but he would sit on the grooming table every Tuesday morning because he knew it was hairdo day so he could be his prettiest for the visit.  The time I spent with him was so special and has made his loss even harder to bear. 
We lost Hockey in 2012 due to a car accident. 
There never will be another like him!















A/C Ch Karmadi's American Girl ADC, AGN, AGNJS, NA, NAJ

  Photo of English Springer Spaniel:   Lila jumping over the fence.      Lila: CKC Agility Trial 2003 

Lila winning Best Veteran and Award of Merit at the English Springer Spaniel National Specialty, August 2008

Lila was my heart dog!  Loved to sit in my lap, or anyone else's, always went with me in the car as she didn't want to be left at home, she thought she was one of us. 
We spent a lot of time together as I was allowed to bring her to work with me. 
She gave me my First Best Puppy In Show, First Best Bred By In Show, First Agility dog.  She loved everyone she met.  I put her fun pictures first as this is where she excelled, she always gave her best in the show ring, but living life to the fullest here on our retirement property was likely her dream come true.



A/C BIS/BISS Karmadi's Madam President "Madam"
I knew Madam was special from the moment she arrived. Always the show off so took to the show ring like this is where she belonged. 
Never let anyone down, gave 100 percent all the time
Thanks to Robin Novack, Don Snyder and Tracey Monahan
she was able to achieve 31 Best In Show which
made her Sporting Dog of 2007 USA

       Madam Eastern
















Karmadi's The Double O "Odin"


Owner: Judy Ouellette

I started working with “Gemini K9 Obedience” as I had a few challenges with Odin’s dominance and reacting to other dogs.  We started with the Basic Obedience training course.  We had such a positive experience and outcome from this course.  Odin excelled and we had so much fun, I decided we should continue working through the different levels of obedience.  Once we accomplished these, I felt Odin still needed to be stimulated with learning so we took a trick training course - again working with “Gemini K9 Obedience”.  


Odin has learned many tricks one of which is riding a skate board.  He has excelled with the tricks and I am continuing to work with Odin introducing more tricks.  To date, Odin knows about 20 tricks (e.g.  Bow, Play dead, Target, Pray, Figure 8, Weave, Fist bump, Howl, etc.).


All this has evolved into becoming members of the 'Dyno Dogs Team' where Odin was introduced to Agility. As with many other Springers bred by Diane, Odin took to this too. As members of the ‘Dyno Dogs Team’, we actively participate in shows for retirement and nursing homes in the Durham region.  Odin performs his tricks, does the agility and then does a ‘Meet and Greet’ with the residents.  



When Odin performs at these shows, he is totally focused on me, waiting for my direction and following my commands.  All the obedience training we did with “Gemini K9 Obedience” surfaces.  It is an amazing feeling when I  hear the clapping the residents give Odin as he performs for them … and Odin is a ham because he seems to like the clapping too.  Odin has come a long way and is an amazing dog.  I am so very proud of him!!


As the breeder of Odin all I can say is there are no limitations!



Karmadi Takes Flight "Phoenix"


This dog is going places and has earned a spot here on our all stars page

Watch for more news!!

Phoenix and Linda

Earning his Masters Scent        Detection title


Earning two High In Trials for his CD








Karmadi's Life Of Rylee "Rylee"


Cathy knew when she brought Rylee home that she wanted to do some fun stuff with her so the joined the West Carleton Agility Group.

As the pictures depict Cathy started Rylee off with homemade agility equipmment before venturing into classes.





  Pictures below were taken at WAG and where they were doing an agility demonstration on Canada Day.


It is very obvious that Rylee is enjoying herself as is Cathy

We wish them the best!!

Below is how Cathy tells it

I got into Agility about 10 years ago with a very active wirehair pointer
that I simply could not tire out.  She was bored with Obedience, could chase
kong & swim after a water Frisbee for hours and still ask for more.  I was
at my wits-end & then I saw an Agility demo at my obedience class.  This was
it for me -- what a difference. The wirehair loved it & was mentally
fatigued after class.  Bingo!!

When I was looking for a new pup - I knew I wanted to do Agility, and firmly
believe that if you go about it the right way, 99% of dogs love it.  We
started taking Rylee to watch some classes when she was a baby and too young
to enroll.

Then we introduced her to all sorts of strange situations and now there is
very little that startles her.  So far we haven't encountered any obstacle
that she's balked at...........yet.

Rylee completed the first series of  Beginner #1 lessons which ran for 8
weeks at the West Carleton Agility Group (WAG) this Spring.  She has just
begun Beginner #2 series, and she loves her agility lessons in the class
setting.  However, when we are out in the garden for a walk, she also quite
happily "volunteers" the practice jumps & teeter that we've built at home.

WAG is a volunteer not for profit club, and while they train folks for
trials, they are also more than happy to train for fun.  The club recently
put on a demonstration at a local Canada Day event in the Ottawa Valley, and
Rylee was one of 2 Beginners level dogs in the demo. with about 15 dogs
running.  This was the very first time she had been outside of the practice
field.  There were clowns, loudspeakers, ponys, a live band and lots of
distractions.   She aced the course except, at the very end of her run, when
a group of little kids outside the fence started calling "here puppy, puppy,
puppy" and waving their hot-dogs at her.  Woops!

We are looking forward to completing our Beginners #2 lessons, and then
moving on to Novice level.  When we get there, we should be able to go to
some practice matches.









Karmadi's Shania's Girl Shaylie "Shaylie"


SHAYLIE & I started agility classes in 2004 when she was 4 months old. We enjoyed some basic obedience, but agility is where we have the most fun.  I never planned on competing in agility. I just enjoyed having fun with Shaylie & working with her. Shaylie loved agility from the first day & still does. We have been playing together ever since.  She has earned many agility titles over the years.  She has always been a fast learner, has lots of drive and is very focused.  She loves to fetch, swim & chase squirrels.  What can I say?  She is a sweetheart!    

        Karmadi's Slice of the Pie "Slice"                

As it takes about 2 years to train a dog for agility, SLICE joined our family in 2009.  This time I wanted a dog to play agility with.  Slice isn't as driven as Shaylie, but we do have loads of fun. She has earned a few agility titles and still has much to learn. Slice prefers the social aspect of the sport.  Tail wagging is one of Slice's specialties along with cuddling & squirrel
chasing. This little girl has a mind of her own.  


Mc Farlane dogs

    Shaylie, Susie Q and Slice

    Owned by John and Peggie Mc Farlane

All three of our springers have very different personalities!  Shaylie, Susie Q & Slice have taught us how rewarding dog ownership can be.  John & I wouldn't have it any other way. Our springers will always be a special part of our lives!
























Karmadi's Only In America CD RX Caro Novice



Marj Schryer brought Zoe home to be a companion, since that time she has joined the local dog club and put several titles on her.



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