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Fall Fruits and Veggies for your pet:

Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much:

 Drug and Alcohol Addiction Resources:

Addiction Resources: Substance Abuse In New Jersey And Faqs

Boaters Guide to boating during the pandemic:

Water Conservation Guide for Homeowners:

Your Guide To Travel Safely This Summer:

Elderly Alcoholism: Symtoms, Risk and Treatment:

Learn More About Addiction:

A guide to traveling internationally with a service animal:

Homeowners guide to deck cleaning, repair and maintenance:

Backyard ideas for a dog friendly landscape:

New Mouth/Dentistry:

New Mouth/Candid Aligners:

Vegetable Experiments with companion dogs:

Potential Genetic Complications of Designer Hybrid Breeds:


Heartworm: A real and Present Danger:

Renovation Safety Guide For Homeowners:

Ultimate Home Remodeling/Renovations Guide:

Know your DNA, Top 5 DNA kits for Cats:

Know your DNA, Top 5 DNA kits for Dogs:

Dental Care is Preventative Care, Even for dogs:

Parvovirus Variants and Vaccines:

Alzheimer Support USA:

Balancing Calcium and Phosphorus for Dogs:

The benefits of having a work from home office dog:

Arthritis in dogs:

Lets talk about anal sacs:

How long does Meth stay in your system:

Meth sores:

Guide to sustainable homes, coastal and interior locations:

Sustainable design and affordability:

Water conservation guide for adults and children:

Puppy Care 101:

Pet Friendly Assisted Living Near Me USA:

100 Dog Behaviors You Must Know:


Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Pets:

Exercising your companion dog:

Finding a reputable breeder:

A trial study of Medium-Chain Triglyseride oil for the treatment of Canine Epilepsy

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Support Groups:

Allergy-proofing your home with pets:

Coping with "Quarantine 15" Inexpensive essential items to stay safe and healthy:

How to keep your pet COOL during hot weather:

Senior Dental Health Care Human:

Blue-Green Algae and companion dogs:

Pain management for our dogs using CBD oil:

Find freedom from alcohol addiction:

Eye care and vision:

Should you make your own dog food at home:

Prevention of Pet Obesity:

Pet Owners Guide to flowers and plants:

A Guide For Senior Housing In Canada:

Low Income Resource Guide for Seniors USA:

Alcohol Misuse, Abuse, Addiction and Treatment:

Ultimate Guide To Dog Care From Puppy to Senior:

The dangers of digging in your garden:

Handling coughs and colds in the elderly:

Covid-19 Updates: Testing companion pets and pet fur:

How long will the coronavirus stay on surfaces:

Covid-19 And Companion Pets:

How does stress affect a dog's long term health:

What is limber tail in dogs? 

Can a DNA test predict addiction:

Understanding the benefits of pets for kids:

Toxic foods for dogs series: Consumption and Choking Hazards:

Nontoxic foods for dogs to avoid:

Toxic foods for dogs: Are they all truly toxic?

Assisted living options for the elderly:

Climate change can affect seasonal allergies:

The Wuhan Coronavirus and Companion Pets:

Ultimate guide to travelling with your pet:

Exercising your dog and mental health:

Canine Epilepsy, Chinook Seizures:

Glyphosate and your pets:

Oral Health:

Oral Health and effects from drug use:

Pets and Renters Insurance:


Mesothelioma Lawyer Center:

How to keep your house clean even with multiple dogs:

How to teach your dog to roll over on command:

Pets in the classroom, reasons why pets help children study:

How do animals sleep:

Raw Honey a healthy supplement for your dog:

Even though we are dog people many families have both, Moving your cat to a new home:

How to make your home accessible for senior dogs:

5 Facts about rescue animals:

How to train a rescue dog:

How To Stop Your Dog From Jumping Up On You:

How To Choose The Right Dog Bed For Your Pet:

Second Hand Smoke and Pets:

Better Sleep:

Clinical Trials:        

Thyroid Awareness Month:

Sweet Potatoes VS White Potatoes:


How to keep your home free from hair:

Best vacuums for pet hair:

6 Pet safe houseplants for your home:

Pet proofing your home:

Caregiving Tips:

Travelling with your pet:

How To Greet A Dog (and What To Avoid)

Fall Fruits and Vegetables for dogs:

Pet Friendly Office Policies:

Dog Park Safety: how to spot aggressive dogs:

VetVine: Answers to questions on IMHA:

A Complete Pet guide to Pet-Proofing your home:

Pumpkin why it's such a popular treatment for diarrhea:

How to protect your dog from mold:

Learning more about scent detection and service dogs:

How much do dogs sleep:

Best dog beds:

How much do cats sleep:

Pet Safety In Cars:

How to prepare your home for a recovering pet:

Dogs living in apartments/condos:

Guide To Flying With Pets:

Dogs For Kids Resource Guide:

Ultimate Guide to removing pet hair:

Medical First Aid and CPR for pets:

Parenting guide on how dogs can help with addiction and substance abuse

Dogs used in therapy/rehabilitation


English Springer Spaniel Club of Canada

English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association
AKC Parent Club of the Breed

English Springer Spaniel Database

Canadian National Field Trial Club

Canadian Kennel Club

American Kennel Club

Ottawa Kennel Club

Westminster Kennel Club



English Springer Rescue Association of Canada

English Springer Rescue America



Muddypawz Photography: Renowned photographer, Wendy Beard,  specializing in pet portraits and action photography.

Alex Smith Photography

Christa Matthews Photography


Boarding Kennels:

Vincera Dog Boarding Kennel: New kennel located in Maitland, Ontario; serving Brockville, Prescott and Kemptville areas.



GROOMARTS: Dog grooming academy

The Groomer's Corner by Steve Dainard

 Pet grooming video: This is an excellent youtube video of a woman grooming an english springer spaniel, she does a wonderful job.  An easy to follow video, wish I knew her name to give her credits.        


Health Related Sites:

Safety Tips for smokers and vapers who care about their pets

Quit smoking community, information on how it affects your dogs health as well as yours

Pet Safety:

The AKC Canine Health Foundation Launches Matched-funding Initiative to Better Understand and Treat Epilepsy in Dogs

Pet Therapy: Benefits of using probiotics:

Top 10 Dog breeds with increased risk of cancer:

Canine Influenza H3N2 Update:

Diagnosing Atypical Cushing's Disease/Syndrome in Dogs:

Unusual health issue involving canine guinae worm

New Advancements and Current Medications to Manage Diabetes in Dogs and Cats

Rage disorder linked with parasites found in cat feces:

Urinary incontinence in spayed dogs:

Observe your dogs urine habits:

Homeopath Remedies:

Canine Genetic Diseases Network


Canine Eye Registry Foundation: CERF

Orthopedic Foundation For Animals

The Merck Veterinary Manual

Optigen-DNA Testing

Vet Gen- Veterinary Genetics Services

PennHip University of Pennsylvania Hip Improvement Program

Net Vet:  Basic Veterinary Information

Dog Channel.com:  An online guide to dog medical conditions

Cornell University Animal Science:  College of veterinary medicine.

American Veterinary Medicine Association On Line News

Vet Info: Veterinary information service.

University of Missouri: Offering DNA testing for English Springer Spaniels

Morris Animal Foundation: Is a non profit organization that invests in science that advances veterinary care for companion animals, horses and wildlife.

Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph, Lymphoma Research:

 AKC Canine Health Foundation:

Canine blood donationA video about the importance of dog/blood donation

An article on possible complications when doing early spay/neuter:  

Review of Epilepsy/Seizures:

Early Stimulation Excercise for puppies:


Training and Behavior:

Dreamfields Agility:  Dog Agility Training Centre situated in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Carolark: The Center for Applied Canine Behaviour; Training for People and for Pets, located in Stittsville, Ontario

The Dog Ranch Inc.: The training place, located in North Gower, that fits all your needs, Obedience, Rally Obedience, Conformation, Agility, Field, Sport Detection, Dock Diving and Workshops.

Dogs & Company:  Dogs & Company is an education center focusing on training of owners of puppies or adult dogs.  Located in Russell, Ontario serving the greater Ottawa area.

Forever Friends Dog Training School:  Your Canine Behaviour Specialists--Serving the Ottawa Valley 




Training and Behavior Articles:

Dogs without borders

Common Sense: Understanding What Actions Might Cause the Family Dog to Bite

Top 15 things that humans do that dogs hate

Crate Training a proven method:

Clicker Training Solutions: Training articles from respected trainers and canine behaviorists on clicker training. 

Training-your-dog-and-you:  Understanding the different reinforcement schedules.

Behavior/Aggression/Genetics: An Article concerning the so-called "Rage Syndrome"by Lyn Johnson DVM, Companion Animal Behavior Services

Can we help you keep your dog?:Dealing with aggression problems.

How to Love Your Dog: A kid's guide to dog care.

Paws Plus: Puppy tips, housebreaking, socializing, manners.

Tips for Training Your Flushing Spaniel: Ruth Tabaka's outstanding gun dog tips.

Becoming Alpha: by Vicki DeGruy  A lesson in becoming alpha.

American Dog Trainers: Free dog owners help line. Free training help line.

Crate Train: Step by step from ADT; limit destruction, keep puppy safe traveling.

Cyberpet: Many interesting articles on training and behavior.

The Science Of Puppy Selection, Raising & Training A wonderful website submitted to me by the teacher of a Grade 4 student from the Pine Mountain School District in California who was doing research on web resources. The student came across my website and thought this link would be a helpful resource. It was a wonderful suggestion and I'm sure that people looking for puppy training tips and general dog information will find it well worth the time to read its contents. Thank you for the suggestion.

All Dog Breeds

All Dog Care Articles

Cat Conditions

Horse Conditions


Lolabuland: This site offers online training classes from puppy to adult.  For those doing agility and wanting to learn how to do Running Contacts, tight turns with a lot of videos.


Ottawa Therapy Dogs

Dogs used in therapy/rehabilitation

Dreamfields Agility:  Dog Agility Training Centre situated in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Carolark: The Center for Applied Canine Behaviour; Training for People and for Pets, located in Stittsville, Ontario

The Dog Ranch Inc.: The training place, located in North Gower, that fits all your needs, Obedience, Rally Obedience, Conformation, Agility, Field, Sport Detection, Dock Diving and Workshops

 Agility Association of Canada

Canadian Association of Rally Obedience

Dogs on Course in North America:  Established in 2005, this venue allows all dogs to compete regardless of pedigree.

Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA)This venue allows all dogs to compete regardless of pedigree.

Canine Performance Events (CPE)
This venue allows all dogs to compete regardless of pedigree.

North American Dog Agility Club (NADAC)
This venue allows all dogs to compete regardless of pedigree.

United States Dog Agility Organization (USDAA)

United Kennel Club (UKC):UKC promotes the interest of owners, breeders and enthusiasts who work to balance beauty and working performance to produce happier, healthier dogs.



English Springer Spaniel On-Line Magazine

The Springer Showcase

Canadian Dog Digest:  Beautifully layed out magazine showcasing Canada's best dogs.

Clean Run: Publisher dedicated exclusively to the sport of dog agility.

Dogs In Canada

Canine Review

Dog Sport

Dog and KennelYour source about dogs and the people who love them.  You'll find touching canine stories, special reports on canine medicine, breed profiles and training advice.

Whole Dog Journal: A monthly guide to natural dog care and training.

K9 Magazine: The UK's leading lifestyle magazine for dog lovers.

DogChannel.comThe website for dog lovers.  Many links on health, training, books and anything dog related; and also provides links to the following dog magazines: 

Dog Fancy

Dog World

Dogs for Kids

Dogs in Review

Dogs USA

Puppies USA

Popular Dog Series

Spaniels in the Field: Home page for the hunting magazine.

Bird Dog and Retriever News: The largest hunting and dog site on the Web

The Sporting Spaniel Handbook


Professional Dog Show Handling:

Chris Pollen

Linda Thompson

Will Alexander

Noreena Star Seery



Ariel English Springer Spaniels (Oregon)

Barcath English Springer Spaniels Golden Retriever and Springer breeder; co-owner of one of our Springers, Karmadi's Beeline to Barcath.  (Alberta)

Bryden English Springer Spaniels (Ontario)

Cerise English Springer Spaniels (Connecticut)

 Esspecial English Springer Spaniels (Michigan)

Foxboro English Springer Spaniels (Michigan)

Kirwin English Springer Spaniels  (Connecticut)

Malysse English Springer Spaniels (Quebec)

Nanjay English Springer Spaniels (Ontario)

Ocoee English Springer Spaniels (Georgia)

Suncoast English Springer Spaniels (Florida)

Sunkissed English Springer Spaniels & Cardigan Corgis (Florida)

Tagalong English Springer Spaniels (Minnesota)

Wil-Orion English Springer Spaniels (Georgia)


Artworks English Setters: English Setter breeder and co-owner of one of our Karmadi dogs, Ch Karmadi N Artworks Bee Sirius. (Alberta)

Caramor Newfoundlands: Newfoundland breeder and my web site designer, Perth, Ontario.

Glenbern Golden Retrievers & Bernese Mountain Dogs: Golden Retriever & Bernese Mountain Dog breeder in Perth, Ontario.

KushNivas Standard Poodles: Standard Poodle breeder located in Maberly, On.

Sigfield German Shepherds: German Shepherd breeder in Lanark, Ontario.



Puppy Management:

Dr Schultz tube feeding pup: This is  a wonderful video on how to tube feed a puppy.

Why we should have canine milk replacer on hand:

How to make a canine breast pump:

Puppy Culture: Fading puppy syndrome:    A must read for breeders.

Pet Supplies:

Dog Powered Scooter: The first dog powered device that puts the dog behind the steering wheel!  (Looks like a great way to exercise your dog; a scooter that has a dog-attachment.  Great idea!)

Ren's Pet Depot: Canadaís largest supplier to dog and cat professionals and enthusiasts.

Treasure Coast: Purchase pet, grooming, or kennel supplies at wholesale prices.  Most orders ship within 48 hours.

K9 Excel: K9 Excel Dog Supplies is the online Resource for dog supply in Canada, United States and Europe.

Ashley Craig Pet Products: Manufacturers of Greyhound combs and brushes.  Custom design logos on the brushes.  (I have ordered these brushes, they are beautiful and of excellent quality.)

Dog Robes.com:  Offer an entire collection of dog robes that can be used on your loved show dog or  cherished pet.  (I've ordered these robes and they truly are wonderful.)

Sitstay.com: Pet supplies and free pedigree generator.

KV Vet Supply:  General supplies and hard-to-find health-care products.

Pet Edge: Supplies for those in the pet care business.

Drs. Foster & Smith: Products for your pets; selected by veterinarians. 

Dog Supplies and Services: The most complete dog supply site on the Web.

Pet Expo: Discount Pet Supplies

Groomer's Mall: Where to find the Mars Coat King, a tool for stripping coat.



Dog Related Sites:

Home Safety Guide For Pets: http://www.expertise.com/home-and-garden/pet-safety-guide

Canine Chronicle

Canada's Guide to Dogs

Canadian Show Dog Info

Canuck Dogs.com:  Your source for Canadian canine event information online.

Royal Canin: We feed and recommend Royal Canin dog food.

Therapeutic Paws of Canada:  A volunteer based therapy dog and cat visitation program for seniorís facilities such as retirement homes, nursing homes, Alzheimer day away centers, hospitals and where there is a need.

Speaking of Dogs.com: Toronto based organization dedicated to educating and enlightening people about dogs through seminars, workshop forums, and their web site.

Professional Dog Walkers Association International

Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers

Canadian Dog Judges Association

The Dog Place

Cana Dogs

The Dog Infomat

The Dog Fancier's Acronym List: Definition of dog titles

Infodog: Information for the fancier.

Pets Welcome: A list of hotels and motels that welcome pets.


amberbreeder.com:  Dog breeders web directory.



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