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My first Springers came from field lines.  In 1980 we brought Charmin home and then in 1982 along came  Lady from the same kennel.  They became a big part of our family and were loved by our two children, Carmen and myself.  Although they were never bred, it was these two girls who inspired me to breed. 

In 1985 I was introduced to "Mindy"; Serenade's Pirate Queen CD. We brought her home to start the journey into the world of show dogs.  Although Mindy never went in the conformation ring, she did do very well in obedience.  English Springer Spaniel photo: Serenade's Pirate Queen CD, Mindy
English Springer Spaniel photo: Cora Later in the year we brought home another girl "Cora"; Ch Burmon's Corona. Now I  had another dog to practice my grooming skills on! I laugh now at how silly they looked because of my incompetence with scissors and shears.

And from there, as they say, the rest is history!





Kennel Name: A very good friend of mine Mary, who had shown and bred German Shepherds, took me to my first dog show.  After that I was hooked and the search began for a bench line English Springer Spaniel.  While I was looking for a pup I started contemplating a kennel name.

I started with 'Kar' for my husband Carmen; 'ma' from Mary (who got me hooked into this wonderful breed!) and 'di' from Diane (myself),  to come up with KARMADI.


Co-ownership:  I am a firm believer that each dog that I produce should have the best home that I can give him, so with that said, this is the reason for my co-ownership program.   I have five dogs who live with me at home.  I  keep the very best from each litter, so that I can show them and hopefully they will continue on in our breeding program. 

There are only so many hours that you can devote to your dogs and the young ones need  to be socialized properly, which includes obedience or conformation classes.  This is why I decided, many years back, to have a co-ownership program.  Over the years, I have met  many wonderful people that have become very dear friends, making it  apparent that this is truly the way to go. 


Breeding: All of my breeding stock are living close by.  My dogs have their own people and I have the opportunity to show and breed them if clearances are met.  This has given me the opportunity to be very fussy about who stays in my breeding program.  I definitely have the best of both worlds, the most important aspect being, the dogs that are kept on for consideration aren't in a kennel situation; they live out their life just being dogs and a big part of someone's family. 

Being a champion doesn't necessarily mean that it's a good dog for breeding purposes.  There are many other considerations.



"Madam":  Never in my wildest dreams could I have envisioned that I  would produce a blk/wht girl "Madam"  MBIS BISS A/C Ch Karmadi's Madam President who was:  

  • #2 English Springer Spaniel in Canada (2004)

  • #10 English Springer Spaniel in the US (2005)

  • # 3 English Springer Spaniel in the US (2006)


In 2007, Madam finished her show career as:

#5 All Breed 

#1 Sporting Dog 

 #1 English Springer Spaniel


Madam is the  first dog that I have sold as a show dog.  There were many sleepless  nights  before I decided to let her go to her new home.  I only sold her when I was assured that she would not be living in a 'kennel' type situation, and on the condition that when her show career was over, she would return to live with me. 

Breeding and showing dogs has been an educational and exciting venture for me, offering me the opportunity to travel much and meet many wonderful people.

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