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CH Lordsett Your Place Or Mine CA DM NS


Photo Pedigree

Whelped March 21, 2016

OFA Hips Excellent

OFA Elbows Normal

OFA Patellas Normal

OFA Thyroid Normal

OFA Eyes Normal 2018

OFA Heart Normal Cardiologist 2017

OFA DM Normal

PRA Carrier 117118

Yoshi's OFA page

Yoshi currently has the HIGHEST SEASON AVERAGE distance jump for English Springer Spaniels in North America 2018

2018 Distance Jump Rankings for English Springer Spaniel (83)

Rank NADD ID Call Name QDJ QAR Breed Owner Class Jumps Season Average
10269 Yoshi English Springer Spaniel (V) Diane Herns Open 14 21' 5
1 3066 Rainy English Springer Spaniel (V) Kathy Pierce Open 25 21' 3
2 1910 Dusty English Springer Spaniel (V) Kathy Pierce Open 31 21' 0
3 9176 Zoey English Springer Spaniel (V) Jill Dunham Open 47 20' 6
3775 Dazzle English Springer Spaniel (V) Judith Valloze Open 9 20' 4
10161 Gus English Springer Spaniel (V) Jennifer Cirincione Open 3 20' 4
3846 Ryse English Springer Spaniel (V) Katy Light Open 7 20' 4
4 9079 Zoey English Springer Spaniel (V) Edward Johnston Open 17 19' 9
5 7683 Ziggy Marley English Springer Spaniel (V) Laurie Southard Open 17 18' 9



Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi
Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi

Thank you Clint Ellery for these spectacular photos of Yoshi

Now we can add NS to Yoshi's achievements running 6 events and obtaining his Novice Sprinter title!

Yoshi goes all out and gets 2 titles in one weekend

On Sat he did 3 splashes and 3 sprinters to achieve his

Masters in dock diving with a personal best of 22'10"

and a Sprinter title on Sunday (100 metre) running times of 9.61-10.2 in 6 events

Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi
Yoshi Photos by Lauren Taylor
Thank you so much for these
 pictures of Yoshi!


Chase Ability is another of Yoshi's favorite sports now to see which he will excel at!

Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi    
Yoshi Photos by Clint Ellery
Thank you so much for these
incredible pictures of Yoshi!



Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi   Yoshi
Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi
  Yoshi with his Best of Winners ribbons  
Yoshi  Yoshi

Yoshi  Yoshi   
Kars Dog Show   Kars Dog Show    Thanks to Stephen Lockyear for pics Yoshi doing what he likes best 
photo by Yvonne Fitzpatrick

A big thank you to Edgar for stacking Yoshi and then taking pictures of me stacking him

Yoshi Yoshi
Yoshi  Yoshi  Yoshi 

14 months


Yoshi Yoshi  Yoshi
almost 1 year old  
Yoshi  Yoshi

10 months



Yoshi at 9 months of age



Yoshi Yoshi 

 Yoshi at 7 months of age

 Photos by Linda




Photo by Doug



Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi  Yoshi 

It didn't take many jumps for Yoshi to get some height to his technique!!

Photos taken by Catherine


13 weeks of age

photo pedigree


March 21, 2016

  WW'09'12'13 Multy CH C.I.E


Peasblossom Heaven Sent

yoshi Yoshi Yoshi & Nikki  Yoshi 
9 weeks  12 weeks  Yoshi & Nikki brace 13 weeks 

Photography by Bronwyn MacDonald



yoshi  yoshi  yoshi  yoshi 

                  at 9 weeks of age                                               at 5.5 weeks of age                                            at 6.5 weeks of age                               at 9 weeks of age  




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